Monday, December 18, 2006

Contest announcement... again... WIN A MASI FRAME!

Since I posted this contest over the weekend and it was buried in a longer post, I thought I'd bring it out into the bright light of day for those folks who didn't see it the first time.

I have decided to run a contest, starting now until the end of January. Submit a video to YouTube and then send me the link or put the video on your own blog and send me the link to the post. The videos will be judged by me and the other viewers who rate the videos at YouTube and by the number of views the videos get (just to keep it remotely scientific). The winner will be picked by the end of February and will receive a special prize- most likely a Masi frameset. Just for submitting a video.

Here are the particulars;

1) The video has to be based on the Daily Drive posts. You can be on your bike, in your car, on a boat, on a train, on a plane, riding a unicycle... I don't even care. It just has to be about getting to work or school or something.

2) You have to show off your socks, just like I do. They don't have to be SockGuy socks, but I am going to see if I can get some for the contest winner.

3) It has to be fun and/ or funny. Seriously, don't get too serious with this or you're going to lose faster than the Detroit Lions or Oakland Raiders.

4) Anybody is eligible, even the folks who have already put up their videos. There are no limits to the length of the videos and you can be as artsy and abstract as you want, so long as the theme is intact.

5) Videos have to be posted to YouTube since that is one of the judging parameters.

Let your inner Fellini, Lucas, Spielberg, Kurosawa, Lynch or Craven run wild... so long as you have fun. If I don't laugh... you don't win.

So, I hope that gets your attention and gets your creative juices flowing!



Anonymous said...

What if I got Horner's autograph mid-race and it has over 1000 views?

Chris K said...

Hey there, seems like a cool contest. FYI, you can post this for free over at, -- its a directory I created to try to catalogue all the Youtube and other video-based contests that are cropping up, like your own. Check it out!