Monday, December 11, 2006

The return of "5 Things"...

My good friend and Editor in Chief (Ann Handley) at The Marketing Profs;Daily Fix has tagged me with the yearly "5 Things" list of things you might not know about me. I did this last year as well, so this seems to be a yearly December tradition.

1) I am an ordained minister. I use "ordained" very loosely as the ordination comes via the Beer Church and the Universal Life Church. I am, however, legally able to perform weddings in the state of California, so keep me in mind. As I know some real ministers, please forgive me.

2) When I was in 9th grade, I hit 6 feet tall. It was a while later that I cracked 100 pounds... yeah, I was a babe magnet.

3) My other passion is writing, specifically poetry. For a few years, I wrote nearly all day every day. In the early 90's, I worked in a coffee house/ art gallery and did countless poetry readings. To this day, I dream of finally publishing a book of my poetry and having it reviewed by the New Yorker or having a single poem published in it. (Robert Creeley is my all-time favorite poet.)

4) I have buried a fish hook into every finger on my hands, my cheek just below my right eye and in the back of my head. The one in the back of my head was with a lure I borrowed from my uncle, so I was scared I'd have to cut the hook off and give it to my uncle minus a hook. I was also fishing when I was supposed to be at home doing homework, so my mom was really pissed when I called her and she took me to the doctor to get the lure removed from my dumbass head. (She still remembers this too... don't you Mom?)

5) When I was a small child/ toddler, I grabbed a jar of Vaseline while I was in my crib and smeared my entire body with it, as well as my hair. My Mom says it took days to get the stuff out of my hair.

BONUS; I have fractured my left elbow, fractured 6 ribs, broken my right clavicle, fractured a few fingers and gotten more stitches than I can possibly count... and yet I'm still alive, even if only by the sheer grace of God/ Allah/ Budha/ Yoda.

So now, who will read this to see they have been tagged in return? Paul, Chris, Nick, Phil, Gilby (since you got me last year)- it's your turn now!



Lizardo said...

The Vaseline story is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I will shock you with revelations of my sordid past.

:) said...

you still do that vaseline trick, don't you???

annie said...

Hey, Tim, ULC is valid in Minnesota too. Gonna be around in July??

Anonymous said...

From preaching to producing videos about socks .. talk about a man of many interests!