Thursday, December 28, 2006

Daily Drive

My car is still in the shop, so I'm in the Masiwife's car. She's home with the sick 5 year old this time...

SockGuy sock dujour;
Evil... and don't think I'm not!

Dumbass Update; It looks like I have cracked, strained or badly bruised a rib on my left side and so I am having a hard time moving around without pain. I rode today for the first time since last Thursday and it really hurt getting out of the saddle or getting in the drops. How'd I hurt myself; I let the weight sled come down too low when doing leg presses and my thighs squashed my rib cage. This is what I get for doing roughly 15 sets of 30 reps while attempting to burn off frustration about my car. Yeah, I know... shut up.



Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I am looking at a 53cm Speciale Carbon at my LBS and wanted to know what the weight of the spec bike is? And also just the frame weight?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Tim. Not a good week for you. You need a bloggy group hug?

Tim Jackson said...


Hey there, the Speciale Carbon, as I've said before, is hands down one the best riding frames I've ever ridden in 25 years in the sport. You will not be disappointed.

The 56cm (the only bike size I have a weight for) weighs right at 18lbs... for steel. The frame weight is approximately 1580gm... and is an amazing ride!

I hope this helps.