Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Just a couple quick random notes;

1) Hopefully I'll get the laptop fixed today and will be able to get back to a more normal picture uploading schedule... we'll see later today.

2) Jessi "Bitch Kittie" Pacetti posted her Daily Drive spoof video yesterday, so check it out. She's like a little sister, so I have to encourage her to do her homework and go to school, not pick her nose in public and eat her vegetables... she's a good kid.

3) Taliah Lempert simply kicks ass! Her paintings are so amazing and she's just damned cool. I got to meet her briefly, finally, in Vegas where she was painting during the trade show. Sadly, I never got out of the booth long enough to go watch her work and that is one of the biggest disappointments of the show for me. Anyway, Taliah sends me her show dates and I wanted to post the current one because if you are in NYC (and I know people who are) you simply MUST go check out her show;


I’m showing some work At NYC Velo, 64 2nd Avenue (between 3rd and 4th Streets) we’re having an opening reception Tuesday,December 19th 7-10pm

I hope you can make it & join me for a glass of wine, it’s been awhile since I’ve had work up in NYC!

Here’s a link with more information; http://www.bicyclepaintings.com/shows/06nycvelo.html

In addition to the paintings, there’ll be a bunch of stuff from my stuff page; http://www.bicyclepaintings.com/postcard/indexchoice.html

It will be a good place to pick up some holiday gifts.



So you have to go check out her show and her website... DO IT NOW!

That's all I got for now...



Lizardo said...

I love her pronunciation of the word 'socks' or 'saaahks'. Gotta love accents. Is that a Wiscaaahnsin accent?

Yokota Fritz said...

"saaks" -- definitely Wis-kaaahn-sin. :-)

Tahlia's paintings are nice.

Queen of Couth said...

Isn't Wisconsin cool? It beats Fargo with a big ol' stick!Thanks for the hits.

Peace Out

ps. TJMG is the BEST big brother EVER!