Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Daily Drive- the Paul edition

Today's drive was greatly enhanced, just like the drive home last night, thanks to my Dallas buddy Paul. Paul sent me a copy of a new CD by a Texas band named Baboon. This album rocks! If it were a car, the CD, it would tell you (a la Kit from Knight Rider), "get in, sit down, strap in and shut the hell up!" This CD is awesome. It's already added to my iTunes and I have listened to it at least three times all the way through. Tracks 1 (Airplane), 3 (Saturday) and 8 (Surround) are my early favorites, but the whole thing is smokin' hot. Trust me on this one...

Now, since Paul is a Texan, I wore special socks just for him- SockGuy sock dujour;

Mud Flap Girl! Perfect for the back of Paul's Excursion/ Denali/ Escalade/ Suburban/ Hummer. Be careful if you see him on the road- he's packin' heat in his 10 gallon! (Thanks again buddy, love the CD!)



Anonymous said...

Those socks would go great with my spittin' tobaccy, cowboy boots, and a day at the rodeo! Yeee haw!

Glad you enjoyed it, though. Those guys kick some ass, and should be enjoyed with caution. :)


Anonymous said...

I actually fancy those sox. Can I have a pair of those...or will Paul whine about it?

Your Book Club Host (with cool Sox).
- ck

p.s.: can i have a pair for my avatar, too?

Anonymous said...

OMG that's what that sock vendor of yours should do...sell cool sox in SL. Seriously. They could be like .25 a pop.

That was your epiphany for today.

Mack Collier said...

Mud-Flap Girl! LMAO! A Southern trucker classic!