Saturday, December 02, 2006


Thanks to my wonderfully smart, talented and funny wife, the Masidaughter (Katie) has her own blog now. She's only 5 years old, so Mommy does the posting for her, but the words and images are all her own.

My wife said it best with the words in the blog header;
"creatvie genius~philosopher~kindergartener"

It's way too good to believe.



Anonymous said...

A tremendous blog--I've already commented on it. Kudos to Katie and Mom :-). What a grand little blogette.

Tim Jackson said...

She's only 5 and already a better blogger than me...

gianandrea said...

tim, it's amazing how children today do in a very natural way what it's still tricky to us!
i have a nephew that aged 6 came to me and said: can i draw a power point desktop for you? and then complained because my clip art was not as good as his!