Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Daily Drive- Late again, but with pictures!

Yes, I'm really late again, but I've got the camera thing worked out now- thanks to a little card reader that I plug in and use to download with. So I'll back to a more normal posting schedule from now on... I hope.

I know my friends who live with real weather will mock me, but it was freakin' cold here this morning. At one point on my drive this morning, the temp read 37 degrees. Shut up! That's cold for here.

The cap reads, "Volvo for Life". For all my marketing friends; I used to drive a Volvo (just like the other hot soccer moms) and now drive a Saturn. I loved my Volvo wagon, right up until it finally died. The hat was something one of my coworkers brought back to me from a race- Volvo was a major sponsor in cycling for years and still has some involvement. I keep the cap and still wear it out of love for my old wagon and out of support of Volvo's support of cycling. Like the Festina watch, I've stood by Volvo because they've stood by the sport I love so much.

The SockGuy socks dujour?

D'luxe... a classic goodie. The bottom of the sock reads, "It's D'luxe son. D'luxe!" (As it turns out, looks like I might have some socks to award to the contest winner and possibly even 2nd and 3rd place too...)

The drive home... I tried to get some sunset pictures, but they came out really crappy. It was a beautiful sunset this evening though. The sky was full of pinks and oranges. It was lovely.



Anonymous said...

Wow, gee, 37 degrees there?? It's been 70s here this week. Tough, ain't it??

Donna Tocci said...

Ok, I'll give you that 37 is cold for San Diego. But, it's 32 here this morning. 70s? Reval, that's just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Tim - just left this on CK's blog but wanted to comment on yours too - "If there is anyone in the blogosphere who is deserving of 'blog stardom' it is Tim Jackson. Ann Handley might have "invented blogs" but Tim Jackson gives blogs heart."

T-Guy J said...

I guess I can't kill you for complaining in 37 degree weather. 40 is my temperature floor for riding outdoors.

Boooo 70 degrees, BOOOOO

Yokota Fritz said...

It's in the 20s in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We're flying to Colorado this weekend, where now receiving tons of snow.