Monday, December 11, 2006


A teammate of mine sent me a great gift today (thank you Noah) and I just have to rave about it for a moment...

Today I got a package in the mail that contained the movie and accompanying photo book Pedal. The movie is a documentary about New York City bicycle messengers. Right there, that alone makes it pretty darned cool, but this documentary is done so amazingly well that you are sucked in and riveted to the characters from the very beginning. New York is full of characters, but NYC messengers are some of the most incredible and entertaining of them all. Not to mention how intense their stories are. The footage of riders is enough to make you sweat and twitch from start to finish, but the stories being told are equally as gripping. The film was originally aired in 2001 and then was purchased by the Sundance Channel in 2004 and aired there, so it is not exactly new. Outside of the messenger world though, the documentary is still somewhat unknown. Hopefully that changes.

Whether you ever ride a fixed gear bike or have any interest in messengers, I highly recommend this movie. I've seen lots and lots of documentaries over the years and this simple 56 minute film is so deeply engrossing and compelling that you are left wishing for more.

It isn't for the faint of heart though, so be prepared. The bike footage is fantastic and the interviews are so compelling and genuine that you really do bond to the messengers and the lives they live.

So if you are looking for a gift for a cyclist in your life, or simply looking to add something to your own collection, go out and buy this fantastic and amazing documentary. It won't let you down, until you realize it's over and you want more.

Thanks again Noah- I really appreciate the thoughtful gift.



Yokota Fritz said...

Here's the trailer on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have a feeling that I'm getting sucked into the bike movie world. My first was Cobbles Baby! a couple months and I've already gotten another half dozen recommendations.

Pedal is now on my Christmas list though... please Santa, please!