Saturday, December 16, 2006

Daily Drive- a bunch of stuff...

For some stupid reason that is beyond my expertise (the expertise I do not have), I am unable to get this great new laptop to find my camera when I plug it in with the USB cable. The new computer doesn't have that wonderful card reader slot, so I am forced to use the USB cable, but for some reason it doesn't recognize the camera. Maybe it is a driver deal, so I am going to try to find a driver for the camera online, since I can't find the box with the CD and instructions.

For the moment, I am now forced to download the images to my home PC and email the images to my laptop. It sucks, but it is the only way I have figured out how to get around the problem until I can go buy a card reader.

Anyway, I just have to thank my friends out there who have been having some great fun with video and the whole Daily Drive theme. First Tim Grahl (my blogging buddy, fellow Spokesman, contributor to my marketing blog and the unofficial Rupert Murdoch of the cycling web) did a parody of the Daily Drive, then his video spawned a new video by Fritz (another good blogging friend of mine with a great blog) and then Phil chimed in (my best Australian friend with an amazingly good blog). Each of these three flatter me more than you can possibly know with their videos. I laughed my ass off with each of the three and really enjoyed the sense of humor and spoofery. Thank you to each of you. Then today, my very good blogging marketing friend CK (and fellow contributor to the Marketing Profs Daily Fix) posted a piece about the success of the goofy Daily Drive posts and the viral goodness of the videos. Needless to say, I was more than just a little touched by her kind words and the kindness of the commentors as well.

As I have said before many times here, it is the readers of this blog who make it such a success. I would come here and write my usual drivel whether you folks showed up or not, but the fact that you folks do read this site and offer up so much feedback and support makes it so much more gratifying and fun than I can ever tell you. Thank you all so very much.

So, in light of all these great spoofs that have come out, I have decided to run a contest, starting now until the end of January. Submit a video to YouTube and then send me the link or put the video on your own blog and send me the link to the post. The videos will be judged by me and the other viewers who rate the videos at YouTube and by the number of views the videos get (just to keep it remotely scientific). The winner will be picked by the end of February and will receive a special prize- most likely a Masi frameset. Just for submitting a video.

Here are the particulars;
1) The video has to be based on the Daily Drive posts. You can be on your bike, in your car, on a boat, on a train, on a plane, riding a unicycle... I don't even care. It just has to be about getting to work or school or something.
2) You have to show off your socks, just like I do. They don't have to be SockGuy socks, but I am going to see if I can get some for the contest winner.
3) It has to be fun and/ or funny. Seriously, don't get too serious with this or you're going to lose faster than the Detroit Lions or Oakland Raiders.
4) Anybody is eligible, even the folks who have already put up their videos. There are no limits to the length of the videos and you can be as artsy and abstract as you want, so long as the theme is intact.
5) Videos have to be posted to YouTube since that is one of the judging parameters.

Let your inner Fellini, Lucas, Spielberg, Kurosawa, Lynch or Craven run wild... so long as you have fun. If I don't laugh... you don't win.

Have fun- I know I will.

Now, time for some delayed Daily Drive images from the past few days;

Here's the SockGuy sock dujour from my drive to work Wednesday- Kegger.

My drive home from Los Angeles on Thursday night. The trip to LA was successful, so you Los Angelinos (and "linas") can expect to see a few more Masi bikes in your worlds. And I'll be back a few more times over the next few months, so maybe a bike blogger/ wanker meeting should be arranged next time I'm there.

The drive to work Friday morning... I don't know what happened to the sock picture, but I was wearing the new Crash socks.

Once again thanks to the great friends I have out there and all of you readers for making this such a great experience for me. Don't forget to get your video submissions in before the end of January. I'll make it worth the while of the lucky winner.



gianandrea said...

socks are ready, the dogs already knows what they have to do, camera on board, the script is on its way.
you are done, my friend. you are the next web hero! ciao,g.

Yokota Fritz said...

Heh heh, I have an idea... :-)

Anonymous said...

that's so badass. I can't wait to see the entries!

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments. Maybe more than a couple.

I got my Masi socks. Cool! But, damn, you were out of Masi bottles.

Our store cashier got her Masi Speciale Fixed. It came in yesterday and she built it this morning before the store opened. She's enthusiastic, but not a great bike builder. Tomorrow I'm going to fine tune some adjustments, wrap her bars, etc.

All I can say about the "fixie" is that I want one. What a sweet bike. It's up to my wife (and bike storage space - can the beach cruiser that I never ride.)

Finally, the more miles I put on the Speciale Carbon, the more I like it. I only get off it for time constraints, not miles. I hope sometime in the future that bike finds itself back in the lineup (with Campy of course.)

Queen of Couth said...

Hey. . . . I'll see if I can figger this techie stuff out enough to submit. . . Just can't pick which socks to wear. . . .

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't I win something for getting this whole ball of wax rollin in the first place?

I'm thinking one of those shiny new cross frames would be sufficient compensation.

James T said...

Those videos are too funny. I didn't spend much time on the web last week, so I just I got a chance to watch all the daily drive parodies at once. Great stuff Tim, Fritz, and Phil.

Vincenzo said...

i just saw BK's "drive to work" and am inspired to do my video for everyone's approval...