Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Please give your support;

A fellow blogger in Australia, Gavin, has had the very unfortunate experience of nearly losing a loved one in a car versus cyclist incident in Australia. Gavin's father-in-law was in a group of riders hit by a car on Saturday the 23rd, just before Christmas. Noel, Gavin's father in law and avid cyclist, was nearly killed in the accident that seriously injured several others as well. The elderly driver of the car was also injured when the car finally collided with a tree and pinned her in the car by the legs for more than an hour.

Noel is beginning to make a positive recovery, but he will have a long journey ahead of him with his broken leg and pelvis and a punctured lung to deal with. He is still in serious condition, but indicators appear to keep getting better.

As a cyclist who has gone through the near death scenario myself and have lost people and known others who have, this incident saddens me deeply. Having also ridden in Australia, I feel an even closer connection to this incident. I hope that you will join me in extending best wishes and support to Gavin, his family and especially Noel right now. Please go to the site linked in the title of this post and leave a message of support- I know that the cycling community always looks after its fallen friends. Please show Noel that he is in our collective thoughts right now.


PS- Here's the link again, in case you have trouble with the title thing...
PSS- If you click on the image in the upper left, you will be taken to a site where you can donate to a fund to help Noel with his presumably extensive bills from this injury.


Luc Debaisieux said...

Great to see you relay this important information. I must say I was really touched by your comments and the words you signed in Noel's guest book.

Kind Regards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Tim.

For those of you who know Gavin, you are truly blessed. Gavin is an angel--and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm a girl!

"Gav" is the first blogger to support and celebrate everyone ELSE in each and every post he writes. He truly amazes me as his generosity is endless. Now he needs us.

In this his time of need, please do leave a comment on the blog that Tim so graciously cited. Gavin and his father-in-law and friends will be very touched as a result. Tim, thanks again...I wish we could send Gav a BIG ol' group hug.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Luc and CK ... thanks for the group hug! We are all buoyed by the support and kind words of all our friends.
The blog is already a great source of comfort and healing for all those involved, especially the local cycling community ... and I am sure Noel will appreciate it when he has the time to read it during his recovery (which proceeds small step by small step).
Thanks again!