Saturday, September 24, 2005

Early morning musings.

You'd think that being sick and just a few days away from Vegas and Interbike that I'd sleep in and get the much needed rest. Well, that's what a smart person would do... but I'm more like a kid on Christmas Eve.

My daughter is sick, but is feeling a bit better today, and she was up early so I joined her and got up too. She's watching her favorite morning show on PBS and I'm trolling the web getting primed and ready for the show. Reading and researching. Comparing and contrasting. Reading about the Women's World Road Championships where Germany has secured yet another title. I'll be driving to Vegas before the sun comes up and will have to wait until I get to the hotel to find out who has won the men's race tomorrow. All fingers seem to point to either Petacchi or McEwen. Looking at the last gasp break that nearly got away in the women's race today, I'm not so sure that a field sprint will materialize.

I have a cousin who is almost as much of a bike nerd as I am, but there is still hope for him unlike me. He sent me a link to a darned funny site. Give it a read and giggle a little like I did. Thanks Steve!

I rode for the first time since returning from Montreal yesterday- had to get a fresh haircut before the show- and it felt great to be on my bike again, even though it felt like my lungs were still packed away in my luggage. Man, I hate getting colds. For whatever reason, I always get wiped out by colds- they appear to be my kryptonite. I'm taking my bike with me to Vegas, of course, so I can try to ride a few times while I am there. In a perfect world, I'll have a chance to ride tomorrow evening after we get settled at the hotel. Tuesday morning, Scott USA and Mavic are sponsoring a ride in the desert before the start of the outdoor demo. I am hoping to make that ride and hangout with all the other industry wankers. So many bike dorks in one place... I admit it is kind of scary.

Well, off to have another cup of coffee and pop a few more cold meds.


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