Monday, September 12, 2005

Oh Canada...

I can't wait to get to Canada and get my show season really underway. The folks at Norco, our distributor in Canada, are getting ready to launch Masi there and I am pumped to be going up to the ExpoCycle show to give them my personal help (hopefully it doesn't damage their reputation). This will be my chance to enter a new market where we have no presence yet and try to make a good impression on new retailers. Give them a reason to consider Masi for their stores and customers. It is also a chance to work on my presentation for Interbike in Vegas in another two weeks. Seeing as to how this is in Montreal, it'll be a chance to thoroughly embarrass myself by trying to use the four years of French I took in high school and slept through half the time. Should be tres funny...

It's a lot of work to pull these shows off and they are very exhausting, no matter how much fun they are. However, I love doing shows. You can quote me on that too when I come back from the shows whining about how my feet/ back/ liver hurt. For a person like me, who is a "people person" and very passionate about their job, shows are a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure I can get other folks excited about the brand too and I eagerly await the chance.

See you in Montreal in a few days!

(Posts may be few and far between for the next week or so... but keep checking, in case I figure out how to stay connected while I'm gone.)

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Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoy the shows, Tim. Even though I whine about traveling to Vegas for Interbike, it is one of the few times each year that I get to actually see people in the industry and media contacts. Being a people person, like you, I enjoy the actual face time.
Have a great time in Canada and I'll SEE you in two weeks in Vegas.
Safe travels.