Friday, September 02, 2005

More Eurobike and SRAM

I'm still geeking out on the photos I saw of the SRAM road stuff on VeloNews today. Wow! That is some pretty componentry- although still in vaporware (not real) form, I think. Stuck behind a closed case where you can't touch it or play with it and see how it works. Our Senior Product Manager is there and I hope he is getting pictures and info for me. I am itching like a junkie to try them out.

There are pictures of lots of other cool goodies there too; that new Catlike helmet is unreal. For the record- this will not be the first time the helmets have been offered in the US, contrary to the comments on VeloNews. This is just a new distributor. There are some pretty bikes pictured too and they aren't even Masi. It is possible to be a pretty bike and not be a Masi... it just isn't advised (wink, wink).

I just love this time of year. So many cool products to look at and people to see. Contrary to my previous whining, I do love this stuff.



dan23dan23 said...

I love the photo of the Shimano guys looking and the other companies group.

steelrider2 said...

Hope the Masi TT bike looks as cool as the Look TT in VeloNews