Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello from Montreal!

Wow, this place is gorgeous. I like to compare Montreal to Europe without the jet-lag. It is really wonderful here. It has been raining a bit, but I've still managed two in rides in three days and plan to ride in the morning if the weather cooperates.

Yesterday, after setting up the Masi booth and educating the Norco sales reps on Masi and how to sell them, I went for a ride to the top of Mont Royal which overlooks the city. I will post images once I can get over some problems with the internet service here in the hotel.

So far the show, just one day so far, has been really exciting. The Canadian shops are very excited to have another option to offer customers and Norco is very excited to have a brand they can use to battle against the other established brands. I think this will be a really great partnership. I really can't thank the folks here at Norco enough for their hospitality. Canada has been a wonderful experience so far and the riding has been great.

I will have more to post very soon. I just got the internet to work this evening, but the reception is very poor and keeps cutting out. This is my 4th attempt to post this report, since the signal keeps dropping... so we'll see if I have to make a 5th try.

More to follow,


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