Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday funny.

This comes courtesy of my wife, sharing a conversation with my son. This has nothing at all to do with bikes, but is so darned funny, who the hell cares....

Classic Drew comment;
He wanted to know how much $100 would be worth in 100 years. He concluded by saying,” it doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead by then…or really old…so I don’t think I’ll be needing much money”. I said “you never know, you could live another 100 years!” and he said that if he lives to be 112, he hopes to be the first person who is just a head in a jar – you know, like Futurama. He hopes he’s a head in a jar, with a super-enhanced brain that allows him to psychically control his environment and move around by projecting his thoughts…although not too powerful because if he could explode a building with his mind, he probably would, and that wouldn’t be good.
It would also be neat if they could genetically engineer people to be half fish – or at least have gills. He wishes he only had one eye because when you wear goggles when you’re swimming, it makes you see two of everything. But if you only had one eye…(I think that is self-explanatory). Actually, it would be better to have eyes like an otter or a camel. They can see with their eyes closed.

He hopes to be the first person who is just a HEAD IN A JAR.
When I was pregnant and waddling around dreaming of his future…it never occurred to me…

You just can't make up that kind of stuff...


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