Thursday, September 08, 2005


Just had to put that in the title to see how many visits I get from SRAM... each time I put that in the title I get a bunch of visits... it's almost as if somebody is trolling the web looking for references to SRAM or something...


What are they going to do for wheels though? Who will they buy next to get wheel technology in the quiver of component arrows?

Here's an inside scoop on some details on the shifters;
The lever you've seen does the up shift and the down shift. It also is removable and can be used as a tire lever for flat changes. The shifter brackets have magnets in them which provide therapeutic recovery on long rides. The bracket covers are made from real gorilla leather. I've heard that the covers on the show bike are from a gorilla killed by Stan Day. How awesome is that?

Just remember that you read it here first.


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