Sunday, September 18, 2005

Going home soon.

The show is over and is in my opinion an unqualified success. I even sat with a retailer in Quebec City and wrote out a 25 bike order. How cool is that? Masi is officially on the way to Canada!

I have to thank my friends at Norco once again for their incredible hospitality and for putting in such an impressive effort to make the launch of Masi into Canada such a success. If I have the chance, I will be back to help support their efforts again. Norco guys and gals; please forgive me for forgetting your names so quickly. Your generosity and willingness to help is deeply appreciated.

The weather almost cooperated this morning for my ride, but I got out in the rain anyway. I just couldn't take another day of not riding. I climbed to the top of Mount Royal again then rode very cautiously down the very wet and rainy descent. Then I cruised the sleepy city for a while before heading to the show.

Montreal is a beautiful city and I look forward to returning. Tomorrow I return home and then will be in a truck driving bikes and other goodies to Las Vegas on Sunday. After that... who knows. Maybe a nap or a cold beer...


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