Thursday, September 29, 2005

More Vegas ramblings

Today was another wonderful day in Vegas. I just love doing these shows! I got to see some good friends and some heroes again. Retailers are giving me very, very good feedback on the new bikes and I am really excited about the coming year. I feel very confident that the bikes are going to appeal quite well to the retail customers out there (you know who you are) and you will all be impressed by the ride of the bikes- this is going to be a great year!

My hero-worship gawk fest for today was a wonderful conversation with Paolo Guerciotti... THE Guerciotti! He built frames for Masi from time to time, so he came by the booth to talk about the bikes and look at the new line of bikes. WOW! Here's a world famous builder, talking to me about bikes. I could have kissed his pinky ring if he had been wearing one! I loved his bikes over the years, especially as a kid who used to cut out pictures from magazines and tape them to my bedroom walls. I had many Guerciotti pictures as a kid.

Yesterday I spoke with Joe Bell, the very famous and respected frame painter. Joe paints for many builders, including Bill Holland and Richard Sachs. Joe is one of the very best in the business and I have known him for many years, through riding bikes in San Diego, but it is always a really cool thing to speak to him because he's been in this business for many years and really knows what he talks about.

Tom Ritchey made an appearance in the booth yesterday and today both and I have been so busy that I really haven't had the chance to spend any time talking to him, so I am hoping to get some time to do so. What a cool guy! Tom is somebody I have respected for many years, so meeting him is a real treat for me. Rumor has it that he was very excited when he found out that Masi had chosen Ritchey components for the bikes. Tom is a big Masi fan from the past and is supposedly really pleased to be working with us... he's excited to work with us... whoa!

Today I also got to hang out and talk to Gary Boulanger of Gaansari Bicycles and Skidstrong- what a cool and mellow guy! Wow, I think I may have met another kindred spirit. Get this; he's talking about adding Masi to his retail store. I have a lot of respect for this guy and he really likes my bikes... how freakin' cool is that? Gary- thanks for all of the very kind compliments on the bikes and the other things we discussed- it's much appreciated.

A lot of retailers really do read this blog apparently because I have spoken to lots and lots of them who read it regularly. I am extremely flattered and hunbled by the very kind words of encouragement and support I have received over the past few days here in Vegas/Boulder City. Thank you to all of you who have been supportive of the brand and it's very humble Brand Manager (me of course). I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to speak to you all and get such wonderful, glowing compliments. I don't know what else to say other than thank you.

Ok, here's another couple of pics from the Masi booth. I will try to get more shots of people and things tomorrow, the last day of the show;

Here's another blurry look at the booth from the main aisle...

and here's a shot of the display we created to showcase our fames and the new 47cm size we will be offering. We will now have sizes in most models that go from 47 to 60- 7 sizes.

Ok, off to bed because my eyes are crossing and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.

(PS- Hi SRAM guys! See you in the booth again tomorrow... and I love the shifters...)


Anonymous said...

Tim's readers,
I cannot imagine what this "industry" might be like if a few more people shared Tim's passion.
Getting a picture as you get to the front of the line for Eddy's autograph is cool.
But nobody else who went through the ordeal of designing, sourcing, and transporting a booth (erm, and the bikes) to Vegas and manned said booth for a marathon 72 hours did anything like that.
Nobody. Anything like that.
Tim's readers, the future of the cycling industry is right here. All we have to do is stay tuned.

uber said...

It reads like you're having fun from this side of the pond too.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tim rules