Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And the winner is...

Tim Grahl, over at Blue Collar MTB and the Crooked Cog Network, is the winner of the socks and water bottle after correctly answering last night's quiz question;

Name the band, the song and the album and win a pair of Masi socks and a Masi water bottle. Here's the lyric;"Bring on the special guest- a monkey caught stealing..."

Tim correctly answered the song Ahead by Wire, off of the album Ideal Copy. One of my favorite ever albums. I don't know if he Googled the lyrics or not, but he claimed the prize. Hey, the guy's about to have a baby (well, actually his wife is going to be the one having the baby), so it can serve as a baby shower gift at the same time.

Congrats Tim- on the answer and the baby as well.


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