Sunday, January 01, 2006

Getting ready for the show.

Chad Thompson, the team director for A&F/ Inferno, sent me the pictures below because he knows what a bike nerd I am.

This is what the basement of a pro/elite team director's house looks like when he is getting all of the team's new gear ready for a season of racing.

I don't know about you, but that kind of thing always gets me excited. The first ride of the year in new team clothing, or the first ride on the new team bike or just meeting the new team mates for the first time. Exciting stuff...

The upcoming race season is going to be such a joy to watch. I can't wait for those first races of the year, even my own races. I guess I better send the feds my money so I can get my license- looks like I might be starting my race season for '06 in a road race in Texas. All Texans are slow, right? I should be ok, right? We get to stop for coffee and doughnuts, right?



Anonymous said...

when does the 2006 Masi website go up?

stickboybike said...

Are those all Gran Crit frames? Ah man I'm gonna pass out!

Crediamo in te, bici!

Picked up the new issue of Road, love that ad Tim.