Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The CD is back!

I was pretty much busting at the seams yesterday to spread this little bit of news after I got a mysterious call from an unidentified source, but "the CD" (aka Chris DiStefano) is back in the bike industry after a couple years out in the other non-bike world. I was sworn to secrecy, or I would have my legs broken- according to the scratchy voiced caller...

I spoke with Chris for a little while yesterday and he claimed that I was "the first" person he was calling and talking to- outside of real media of course- about his return. Chris is somebody I consider to be a friend and we have been in semi-regular contact over the past year or so. He's a great guy and did great work when he was with Shimano as well. He always hinted at missing the bike industry a little more than he thought he would. Now he's back and in a role that means we have a legitimate reason to talk to each other.

Chris is now with Chris King as something of the Head Ombudsman and Chief Spreader of Propaganda. You'll definitely be hearing a lot more about Chris King products in the very near future. You can pretty much plan on reading about NASA using King bearings on landing gear or NASCAR drivers building spoked wheels with King hubs. It's gonna get kinda crazy.

CD; here's to you buddy! Welcome back to the fold- it's gonna be a good ride!


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