Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A&F/ Inferno photo essay; Training Camp #1

Here is a brief photo essay of the A&F/ Inferno team at their first training camp of the year in Georgia. Stories from the team to follow soon, but I couldn't resist the chance to unveil the new team kits and the pictures of the team.

To say the very least, I'm really excited about this coming race season...

That's a good lookin' group there. Nice clothes and nice bikes...

An imposing bunch aren't they. I'm running out of fingers trying to count the number of future race wins in that group.

Meet Jim Baldesare- 2002 Elite Men's National Criterium Champion.

Now meet Todd Shaker- lookin' lean and mean!

Three guys, four bikes, one question...

I think Big Red (Hekman) is giving the international signal for "Gee Boss, I love riding in the rain in January!"

I wish I could figure out who the tire and tube sponsor is.

Kind of makes you wonder just how much rain they got during camp.

I can't wait to hear the stories from this camp. It should fairly entertaining...



Anonymous said...

Nice pics.

These boyz will be tearing off the competitions' legs this year.

Anonymous said...

Hey- Cool Feature! Howsabout now you update the website- The race info you have is from 2004! As well- I want to see the new bikes- Your Haro & Del Sol sites are updated- why not yours!