Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A&F/ Inferno rider profile; Ryan Gamm

Our next rider profile is Ryan Gamm. All of 24 years old and another little speed demon. Between racing, training and being a Ladies Man, he is working on becoming getting an "ed-ja-ma-kayshun". Expect to see more of this kid's name between race results and the GQ ads.

Ryan Gamm, 24, 5-7 140 lbs of Furry, Green Eyes.

Born: Cleveland Ohio, Currently (well by the time you get this) Oxford Ohio going after a Masters in Education, so I can yell at kids in a socially appropriate environment, er ah, I mean teach kids.

I started racing mountain bikes when I was 17 after a few years of BMX. At 19 I switched to Road Bikes and cut my teeth in the Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference while training in the mountains of Boone North Carolina where I was attending Appalachian State and even went to classes on rainy/snowy days.

By 20 I had transferred to Miami University and upgraded to a Cat 1, during 2003 I had a bout with Chronic Fatigue and Mono, by the end of the season I hung up my wheels for good, well until I had a chance meeting with fate. By fate I mean Tim Swain (Teammate- Ed), who convinced me to give racing another go and offered me a spot racing for Savage Hill.

I spent fall of 04 studying in Luxembourg and backpacking around Europe, Oktoberfest and Sweden were my favorites, from what I can remember. I also spent 3 weeks studying tropical plants on Andros Island in the Bahamas.

Funniest experience on a bike: I was attacked by a turkey, no joke.

I bake the best damn Chocolate Chip Cookies in the world. I used to be a fat kid, I could go back at any moment.

Nicknames, Gambo, Gammer the Hammer, 'The Game', Gamm, College, etc

In Dec 04 I graduated from Miami University of Ohio with BA in Geography and Environmental Science, I plan to do nothing with it.

I drove overnight once from College Station Texas to Cleveland Ohio so I could make it back in time for a 4th of July party.

My strenghts on the bike include climbing, sprinting if its been a hard race, mind control, and fitting through tight spaces in a field.

I have a mild obsession with Argile Socks.

I once organized a Pub Crawl after the Tour de France, the 'Tour de Beers' there were no finishers, but I did win stage one and held the Yellow Jersey until the TTT...people at Miami still Talk about the TDB!

Dislikes: mean people, tall women, boring weekends, jean shorts, growing up, and fat free anything.

Best Results, 11th Stage 2 Tour de Toona 04, 11th Murrysville 04, 6th Stage 8 Tour of Ohio 04, 10th GC tour of Ohio 05, 23 Elite Cits Natz 05, 1st Tour of Richland County 04, 1st Renissance Crit 05, 1st Yellow Springs GP 04. 3rd Overall Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Confernce, Ohio State Crit Championships Twice the Bronze Medalist.

Thats all I got, cheers.

Doesn't he put the pretty in Pretty Boy? (They tell me he's smart too ladies. Now, does he cook and do windows?)



Anonymous said...

Man that guy is cool--I can't wait to meet him. He is so cute--like a robot. Lets call him Gammatron.

Donna Tocci said...

"In Dec 04 I graduated from Miami University of Ohio with BA in Geography and Environmental Science, I plan to do nothing with it."

Oh his parents love that statement! :)

It's nice 'meeting' this team, Tim. It's going to be a fun ride for you this year with them.

Anonymous said...

this guy is too well adjusted and hip...can't be a roadie. There was nothing in there about "favorite Grupos" or "coffee". We need more guys like him...and I think Tim is kinda' sweet on him too

Anonymous said...

This frightens me a lot. He's My eighth grade teacher and now i have decoded to start calling him Gammer the Hammer.

-Kate Deaton His favortie student.\

It angers me that you don't like tall women..i'm tall

-Tawny Knoll:his tallest student :)

I thought that it was a little funny when he told us he was hit by a car!

Nathan Favorite

His favorite student. said...


Your class is boring, and Study island lowers my self esteem. :(

Kate Your favorite student.

Tawny said...


Anonymous said...

Ryan Gamm, what can one say about this legend of a man? First off the one word that comes to mind is attractive, the man makes the like of a youthful Sean Connery or a Jake Gyllenhaal feel inadequate. He literally spawns genuine waterfalls in the jodhpurs of young lasses, if you catch my drift.

He's also fast. His ironman PR is 8:03, and that's eight minutes and three seconds. Word has it that he often breaks away from CAT1 races, puts on an impressive lead, goes and wins a regional race, and then goes back and finishes the first race.

He's also incredibly cool. Seriously, call him ice man,