Sunday, January 15, 2006

Panther City Bicycles

It's no secret that Bernie (owner) and Jason over at Panther City Bicyles are a couple of my favorite bike guys and Panther is one of my favorite shops to work with. These guys are exceptionally nice and have a gorgeous shop worth visiting. So, if you're in the Ft. Worth Texas area, you need to put these guys and this shop on your list. Endorsed by the Masiguy.

Check out the sweet wheels... kind of proves they are worth giving your money to.

That's Jason's personal steed hanging upside down in the upper right corner.
This vintage beauty is some kind of pretty... ain't it...

What a cool looking shop. Kind of like an art gallery. The kind of art gallery that would have art exhibits of photographs taken by local photographic artists in the Ft. Worth area. The kind of shop that might even have monthly art displays. Doesn't that sound like a cool shop? (No pressure Bernie...)



Bernie said...

Awe, shucks... I think it helps that we ask ourselves with every decision, "What would Faliero Do?"

Tim: can I count on a photo submission from you for gallery night in April?

:) said...

Very cool shop for sure! Thanks for featuring them!!!