Sunday, January 08, 2006

A&F/ Inferno rider profile; Jeremy Grimm

Meet Jeremy Grimm. Jeremy is another one of the Big Boys on the team, going about 195 pounds. Ah yes, another meat grinder like me. I have a feeling these guys are gonna' have no problem muscling their way through a crit.

The bio below is a rather short one, but this link will take you to an excellent interview with Jeremy that was done for the website of Stark Velo, a club Jeremy was close to (he raced for Savage Hill).

From Big Wheels to Masi Bikes! My Dad and Mom started me on a big wheel before I could walk. That created my Thunder Thighs. Trying to keep up with George Hincapie may have helped me too. Everyone else thinks it's because I eat too much. They may be right, that's why they call me "Cookie Monster."

I was six years old when I did my first bike race. I stopped racing six years later, but racing has stayed in my heart through the years. I had Lyme Disease for four years and I thank God for giving me another chance to Save one more for Jesus!
I have been healed now for eleven years. I am thirty, married to a wonderful wife and we have been blessed with the best daughter. We live close to the Amish, in the small town of Orrville. I have very loving parents and two younger brothers. Dad got me back on the bike when I was two hundred and eighty pounds just four years ago. In that time span I have realized the more races I do, the better I get. This year will be my best, thanks to all the sponsors. Abercrombie & Fitch/Inferno Cycling Team, 2006 In The Mix!


As you can see, Jeremy is a man of deep faith and also a fortunate survivor of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is frequently misdiagnosed and many sufferers go years before the correct diagnosis is made, just like Jeremy. One of Jeremy's biggest goals now, outside of winning bike races, is to help spread the word about Lyme Disease. A rather noble cause for a humble bike racer and one I hope proves to be successful... like a winning break.


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