Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A&F/ Inferno rider profile; Todd Shaker

Now we're getting somewhere! Next up on the madcap cavalcade of rider profiles is Todd Shaker. As you'll see, Todd is a little atypical for a cyclist- he's big. Some might even call him meaty. As a track and crit sprinter myself, it does my heart good to see another "Big Boy" in the peloton!

Born 2-26-75 height 6'1,weight 175

Raced as a junior @ a national level from age 15 to 18 then stopped racing after a bad crash. Got into body building for about 8 years and blew up to around 235 lbs (That's what I'm talking about- Ed).

In the spring of 04, bought a spinning bike to get cut for an upcoming body building show. To help pass the time I also bought a DVD of the 03 Tour, was bitten by the bike bug again in a big way!! In May of 04 I bought a road bike and within a few weeks was racing again, but only for fun. One thing lead to another and by Aug. 04 I had won a few Cat 2-3 races.

That winter I really tried to train hard & smart, had a few good wins in the first few months of the 05 season. Within a year of the purchase of my 1st road bike in ten years I had my Cat 1 upgrade. The season was mostly one of learning and getting used to racing in the Pro 1,2 fields. Entered the state TT and without any specific training or aero gear, averaged over 28mph over 21 miles, but lost the Cat 1 title by 2 seconds to a national level rider. All in all I had about 10 wins in 05 and finished in the top 10 in almost all of the rest of my races.

Very much looking forward to this upcoming season, we have a great team and sponsors. I feel like I learn something new in every race and that is often the difference between the win and just another top 10 placing.
Thank You

See, I knew there was a reason why I decided to work with this team; they have a big guy! As a big guy, I like to see big guys racing bikes. (Magnus Backstedt makes my heart skip a beat.) I mean, in less than 2 years he goes from not riding, to racing and getting his Cat 1 license. I'm no genius, but whoa! Plus, when it comes time to pick teams at the post race Bar Fight at the US Pro Championship, guess who I'm picking...



Anonymous said...

Todd is the Man!

Can't wait to pull him around and set him up for the sprint!


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Anonymous said...

Todd is a great rider and a hottie!