Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another late night ramble...

Why am I awake and sitting in front of my laptop just before 11:00PM? Call it dedication, call it stupidity, call it devotion... I call it insomnia (with hints of stupidity thrown in for fun).

There has been a lot going on in the industry and sport these past few weeks. I haven't had the chance to spend much time talking about much of anything just because I have been so busy. I dodn't remember last year at this time being quite so crazy. Then again, last year I was still "the new guy" and they were afraid to let me use scissors or the electric stapler. Still, I swear this year is more full of things to do... and so much more remains to be done.

Next week I will be visiting Houston, Texas (more details to follow). If you're in Houston and want to meet the Masiguy, well this is your chance. I get in to town Thursday and I have been told there is a great night ride in the city, so I am planning to pull my bike out of the case and get it built in time to do the ride and stretch the legs after a day of flying and airports. Can't wait to see you Houstonians! (If you know of any good Sunday morning training/ group rides let me know because my flight home doesn't leave until late afternoon.)

I have to admit that when I read that Saunier-Duval was going to be training in San Diego this winter, with David Millar, I had an uncomfortable laugh to myself. As you may recall, I kind of singled him out for a touch of ridicule over his doping offense. I kind of doubt he's going to come looking for me and try to settle the score, but then again you never know. How cool would that be?

I had a few other witty comments, but now I'm finally feeling a little sleepy so I'm heading off to bed.


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Anonymous said...

I went to college in Houston. I did a lot of riding there. It was miserable. Hot, humid, and no hills. The biggest hill there was the Edloe St overpass over the 59 freeway. That said, there are some riders there, and this time of year it might not be that bad.