Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday ride...

I almost never get out and ride on the weekends because I feel that I owe the weekends to my family, since I spend so much time at work and working at home each night. The weekends belong to them. However, now and again the time and circumstances work out so that I actually do get out and ride. Usually it's a short hour+ loop that I enjoy, which is what I got to do today.

The family was off at a birthday party, so I got offered the chance to go ride later in the afternoon. I scrambled to find some clean gear and headed out the door for a great loop that runs along a peninsula (Point Loma) that helps to create the San Diego Bay and is also home to the Navy and the Fort Rosecrans military cemetery (which is where my Grandfather and Grandmother are buried- so I stopped to visit them as well).

My Grandparents were pretty special to me, so I visit them every time I go out on Point Loma. It's such a beautiful view of the ocean on one side and the bay on the other.

In the distance is the San Diego downtown area.

It was great to get out for a nice spin to keep the legs fresh. Sales pitch time; it is rides like the one today that make me really appreciate the ride quality of my 3VC carbon frame. It simply kicks ass on the rough roads this loop offers. It is stiff enough that I can climb out of the saddle or sprint without noticable flex from the back end, but it is also really plush over the bad stuff. One of the biggest reasons for that ride quality is the shape and curve of the seat stays. The curve of the stays aids in increasing rear brake power since the stays can not flex back toward the seat tube when you apply the rear brake. The curve also hellps to keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground, sort of like a spring. It's something you can actually feel in the ride... not just me waxing poetic with the marketing speak. Ok... I'm done with that.

So needless to say, I had a nice ride. After the ride, I headed out to pick up the family from the birthday party.
This is what San Diego looks like from the Coronado Bay Bridge;

It was a not-so-bad day today.

And the SockGuy sock dujour today?

You can not go wrong with classy argyle socks... ever!

And... Skinny... I'm coming to get you!

Bring it!



Yokota Fritz said...

Wife and I spent the afternoon kayaking in San Francisco Bay, son is spending the night on an aircraft carrier (converted to a floating museum), daughter went to a birthday party at a pool where there was excitement when the dome covering the pool collapsed!

No Sock Guy socks today.

Chris said...

Sounds like a good day.

gianandrea said...

you lucky guy.
we had raining yesterday and today, too.

Donna Tocci said...

Spent a lot of time there a few years back and just love San Diego....thanks for the photos. They remind me why I love it there.

blue squirrel said...

good boy, now give me 50 more...

Anonymous said...

I ride my revised 2006 MASI Alare 15-20mpd, consider a FULL SHIMANO 'Sora' group for 2007.
Apparently, SHIMANO's 2007 Sora BB/CRANK is their existing (2006) Tiagra ware.
Viable, 'Bolt On' FULL Suspension for ALL bike types is in final testing, works GREAT.
My other bike actually is a 2006 HARO V3 :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

I know exactly where you were...beautiful spot. I assume you dropped down to the lighthouse and tide pools as well. Nice climb out of there for which was sure to have been helped by the smooth ride of the full carbon.

Happy Holidays to you and the Masi family.

T-Guy J said...

When are you going to hook the rest of us up with some Sock Guy stuff...

No one can compete with your collection...

Nice ride, I wish we had that type of weather here in the northeast

Queen of Couth said...

Hi TTP -
I'm looking for the socks that say "slut". I have the PMS ones. . .
Peace Out

Noted Chef said...

Hi Tim,
I am going to be visiting San Diego from Brisbane, Australia, in Feb 07 for a week. My wife has a conference to attend, which leaves me free to explore San Diego. Do you have any suggestions for where I could hire a decent road bike for a couple of days? (We'll be staying at the Sheraton on Harbor Island, so if you know of any good bike rental places near there, that would be great.) Any suggestions, or internet resources for routes to ride? This one out to Loma Point looks lovely. (I regularly do rides up to 100km in length.)