Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All I can say...

All I can say is... wow!

Went up to Shimano's HQ today for the yearly new product meeting. As always, I can't say anything about what I saw and I always respect that request and won't broke those rules now. BUT... cool stuff is coming.

Other than that, my good friend at Shimano- Daniel Limburg- took us out on a really fun MTB ride at Aliso Woods. Yes... I rode an MTB... one with 26" wheels too. Won't say what brand, though it wasn't a Haro, but I sure did have fun. It's been at least two years since I've ridden a geared mountain bike and an even longer time since I've ridden trails that were as demanding as these were (for me). The XT group was awesome... not that I have any idea of how anything else works. My only complaint was that the demo bike I was on was possibly a little small, though an XL sized bike, so I could not keep the front end on the ground. Even on the slightest rise, the front end wanted to lift off the ground. That said, I didn't crash once and I cleared everything without getting off and walking- which is pretty amazing for me. The trails and the scenery were both awesome. For as poor a mountain bike rider as I am, I really do enjoy riding in the dirt and I really had a good time stepping outside of my usual comfort zone. Daniel, myself, Jill Hamilton and Wayne Doran rode the trails and tested some new stuff... and I really had a blast.

Thanks to Shimano for the usual great hospitality... even if there wasn't any sushi involved.


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dan23dan23 said...

That was a fun ride! I was amazed that you didn't go down - especially since you talked yourself down so much. They guy has skills on a bike... Even if I beat him on my rookie elbow move that almost sent him over the bars! Tim, thanks for being kind, and thanks for spec'ing 100% Shimano on next years bikes and years to come... Let's ride some road bikes next time eh?