Sunday, November 11, 2007

Zoot shoes...

Before I fall asleep and forget (again)... I have to rave a moment about some awesome new shoes I was lucky enough to get:

At Interbike this year, my booth was across the aisle from fellow Vista residents and bike industry brothers/ sisters Zoot Sports. Brandt Furgerson, Director of Product, and I paid each other some mutual compliments during the show- they have an awesome line of tri products and they really liked my bikes. Zoot just recently unveiled a new line of high performance lightweight running shoes designed specifically for the tri market... and Brandt was kind enough to give me a pair before I left for Taiwan.

Keep in mind, I do not run and will never do a triathlon because of that. However, I have weird feet- long and super narrow and I over pronate big time. But, because of the weird feet, I have all kinds of problems with my feet and knees. Running shoes tend to be a bit more comfortable for me, due to the extra support and stability. I will never put the shoes through their proper paces, but I will wear them with a smile!

Yes, that's Taichung out the window.

The speedlace system is really convenient- especially when having to pull your shoes off to get through security at the airports.

The holes in the sole, near the toes, are drain holes for competing in triathlons- perfect for when you are drenched in sweat or dumping water over your head to cool off.

The interior is totally seamless too, so they are mega comfy without socks... even though I opted to wear socks. And, seeing as how I'm a bike nerd, the soles even have a little carbon fiber insert in them... so that's cool.

If you are in the market for a new pair of running/ triathlon shoes, I highly, highly recommend that you consider the Zoot Ultra Comfort+ shoes. If my unhappy, bony feet like them, then I am sure your more normal feet will too.

(PS- Thanks again Brandt!)


Anonymous said...

Those are some coooool looking feet there, Masidude. Zoot rocks. When it comes to women's gear, they know what a girl wants! I love the way they wove the logo into the design, very euro aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

I love these sneakers