Monday, November 19, 2007


Sadly, it is that time. I leave today. My flight is a little later in the afternoon, so I'm going to eat some breakfast and then hit the streets one last time before I hop in cab to the train station to the airport. Planes, trains and automobiles... yippee.

I will have a much larger post, or posts, with many photos from Japan and stories, but I simply must reiterate my many thanks to all of the wonderful people I have met this week in Japan. I can not say enough about how honored I have been to meet so many generous people. Japan has made a very lasting impression on me and I look forward to returning many times in the future- both for business and pleasure.

I know I will miss a few people, but I have to thank the amazing people from Azuma (my Japanese distributor); Takaichi Terai (President of the company and the most incredible host- I can not thank you enough), Tetsu Furuta (the man who really helped to get Masi into Japan, as well as me), Masa Nagoya (a very good man who was a big help getting Masi into Japan as well) Ishibashi- "Ishi" (guided me from the airport to the hotel and frequently served as interpreter), Masaomi Aoki, Ryozo Fujioka, Hori (a fellow keirin racer) and others who I have forgotten. There was also the very beautiful Kumiko, who assisted in the booth and was also very kind.

I hate to finish this post without more stories or pictures, but I have too little time left to wander and explore this beautiful city. I will have more later.

Once again, thank you to all of the many wonderful people who made me feel so welcome here in Japan. I am without words to thank you adequately.



Anonymous said...

Great dispatches from Tokyo! I'm glad you felt the magic of this city -- I've been here for fourteen years, and the sense of wonder has never left me.

I can also say that the cycling here is amazing. I live in central Tokyo and can be riding in the mountains amid stepped tea fields, old logging roads and small villages (and the occasional wild macaque) within an hour and a half. Magic. You've got to go riding here on your next visit! Have a look around and you'll find some good routes and tips in English from local cyclists.

I was fortunate enough to attend the bike show on the last day. The Masi bikes were beautiful -- great colors and classic designs.

Excellent blog, Masi Guy -- keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim

Don't suppose you got to see any Keirin racing in your short time in Tokyo?

Anonymous said...

No Yakuza? No car chases? Kidnappings? C'mon.

Michael said...

Masi wouldn't happen to be hiring would they? I want that type of job!

Anonymous said...

Tim- Driving down PCH today when a Speciale Fixed caught my eye from the front window of Pacific Coast Cycles...