Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Taichung photos.

3VC Ultegra frames getting ready for decals after being painted.

Alare forks getting ready to get painted and then heading to decal.

A sea of Speciale Fixed frames... in both colors! (YEAH!) How about some steel forks to go with those frames?

Beautiful Vincere frames waiting for building- that Ruby Red paint is something you have to see in person. And a stack of the forks as well.

Makes a Brand Manager's heart get all fluttery...

Ok, time to run off to the factory and off to see some more vendors.

My last full day here, today. Tomorrow is a travel day to Tokyo. More from there... I promise.



StevenCX said...

Cool stuff!

Unknown said...

When are thise freakin' Speciale's getting shipped! I've wanted one since Interbike and my LBS can't get them in stock . . . east cost, baby! NYC Piermont Bikes.