Thursday, November 15, 2007

Waiting for a plane...

Sitting on the floor of the terminal here in Taipei, stealing a wireless signal from somewhere... thank you whoever you are.

Had mild panic attack this morning, with less than an hour before my driver for the airport showed up, because I thought I'd lost my passport! I ripped through all my bags and everything I was carrying. I sent a panicked email home to the office, asking "WHAT DO I DO?" Then I took a deep breath and started digging through the pockets of all the clothes I've worn this week... and found the passport where I left it. The thought of missing my flight or entire trip to Japan because of a missing passport had me in a cold sweat. Needless to say... I'm happy it is in my pocket right now- safe and sound.

Gonna board the plane in a moment, so sayonara!



Anonymous said...

that is the WORSE feeling ever, dude!

Okay... may not as bad as the bend over strip search you will likely receive on the other end of the flight... but hey... ;)

Anonymous said...

Might that be a Masi wool Jersey you are wearing?/?