Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Taichung- I'm still here...

Sorry for the gap in posting. The jet lag hit me pretty hard yesterday, along with a substantial hangover- Sunday night we "celebrated" the birthday of Pete Demos... so I was a lot slower moving on Monday.

The birthday boy.

The Hangover Maker.

It was a great time, even with the dramatic slow down the next day.

The past two days have been full of time in the factory, as well as more visits to vendors. Some new and some that I met back in January.

Special CX bikes moving down the line! Looks like about a 56 or 58cm... so get your order in!

I have spent time in three different decal factories the past tow days. Two of the vendors I already work with and one is a potential new vendor. The companies range from giant sized companies with operating room, ultra-modern facilities to a more "humble" one. But, the amazing work coming from each of the three is breathtaking... literally at times- the smell of the chemicals will make you a little lightheaded... which was painful yesterday. In one maker, I saw the decals being made for Trek, Specialized and Pinarello- among many, many others. In another I saw a lot of Giant decals being made along with another super high-end Italian brand (no need to mention the name and cause more "real" versus "fake" debates here). And a few hours ago I saw more Trek and Specialized decals, along with some really cool Euro brands I saw in Germany a few months ago. Let's just say, I'm in good company with the brands I share decal vendors with.

I've also met with a really great frame vendor with tons of potential for the brand and a few parts vendors. Great visits all around. It's fun to see the people who you work with and give them a catalog so they can see what you do with their parts. And, I can tell you, the SoulVille and the other steel bikes in the line are as popular in Taiwan as they are in the US.

For all you old school retro grouches, like me, you might be interested to know that I have a meeting with SunTour tomorrow... which is cool. Great brand with great history- kinda feels familiar.

Ok, time to run for now so I can go get some dinner before the jetlag kicks in again and I fall over.



Bernie said...

Looks like those panels are creeping up kind of high on the seattube again...

Eric B. said...

good point, bernie...looks pretty wonky.
i'm still wondering why the vertical dropouts on the speciale CX rather than singlespeed-able semi-horizontal like on the speciale fixed!

Anonymous said...

All I can think about are those mutant beer steins. Ramping up to the saki are we? ;+}

are they designed to maintain pressure so it gives you "that real draft taste", or what?

Glad you're having fun!

Anonymous said...


No wonder you had a hangover - that's enough liquor to douse the California wildfires!