Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Taichung...

Spent the afternoon walking around Taichung taking in the sights (and curious smells) with Pat Crosby (Haro MTB Product Mgr) and Pete Demos (Creative Director). They've been here since last week and leave on Tuesday, so we spent the day walking around and then getting some lunch and a couple beers... totally work related.

The weather today is really very nice- warm and humid, but not hot and sticky. Rain is in the forecast though, so it could get a lot wetter around here.

Yesterday was also Pete's birthday, so we're doing a little celebrating tonight. Happy b-day "sticker boy"!

The jet lag is kicking my butt now, especially after not sleeping well again, so I am going to lie down and take a little nap.


1 comment:

EVOMO said...

looks like Portland... are you sure you are in Taiwan? I think you have us all fooled as you do amazing rides all day long up in the northwest.