Monday, September 26, 2005


I have a bunch of new really great bestest buddies at SRAM now, they just don't know it yet. SRAM guys; Have I mentioned how nice you looked today? Those white shirts really make you look thin (and sexy- to the opposite sex of course...).

In keeping with the restriction on what I can tell you about the new SRAM road group, let me just say that I was thoroughly impressed by the demo products they presented to us. I sat on a demo bike on a trainer and "rode" the new group prototypes (on a bike about 8 sizes too small) and was really pleased with what I saw and touched. Not to give away my hand, but I am excited by these new developments. As I mentioned before, I love Shimano and have some great friends there and I have always thought of Campy as the sexiest parts you can find, but these new SRAM parts are going to get a lot of attention- and rightfully so. I was wowed.

I can't tell you how any of the parts work, though the secret is only in the shifters really. Let me just say this; WOW! I swear I'm not kissing SRAM's ass when I say that I really, really, really liked the way the shifting works. Smooth, crisp, precise. WOW! Now, no new product is without flaws and these are no different that way, but I believe that SRAM is going to do well with these parts when they are finally available to the masses.

SRAM guys, here's my shameless plea (since I know you read this blog and are likely looking to see what I say about the parts); please let me know when I can get my hands on a set of the parts to test on my own bike/s. SRAM engineers; I hope you get a nice fat bonus because you did a great damned job.

Shimano and Campagnolo; you guys should know by now that I love you both, but I hope that this development leads to some healthy competition and further innovation in componentry. SRAM has a great new product that you absolutely have to take seriously because it will work well and will gain some traction quickly. It's good... really good.

Here's to some great new products coming from SRAM really soon and then some great new products to follow from Shimano and Campagnolo. This new third option/ player in the component world is going to "shift" things around. I, for one, am very happy about this because I honestly believe this will ultimately be good for the industry. Too few people holding too much of the market is bad, in my opinion.

SRAM- good job! Sign me up...



Anonymous said...

well SRAM a lama ding dong

Anonymous said...

Today at work, I had to check over a Trek Elite 9.8 with the infamous Shimano Flippy Levers.

I'd forgotten just how NON-intuitive those shifters are.

Please, Masiguy...from all of us in the trenches of bicycle retail...take a stand for us and don't spec ANY bikes with Dual Control levers.

May Shimano's stupidity die a fast, painful death.


Anonymous said...

whiskeynovember - just a leetle FYI, it's kinda hard to spec a ROAD bike without dual control type levers. Last time I checked an Elite 9.8 was a mountain bike and Masi makes road bikes only.