Sunday, September 11, 2005

Time trial follow-up...

Smoke is now shooting out of my ears as I look at the time trial results today and read that there were 18 no-shows today. That means I had 18 chances to race today, but I was told "sorry" instead this morning.

Now, I know that this is an event run by volunteers who may have received conflicting instructions, so I'm not going to get too bent out of shape. On top of it, I had a great day with my family, so I didn't exactly "lose" anything...

But I have to admit that it kind of ticks me off when I have spent the past few weeks training for the race (and I should have preregistered, I know). I just hope that the remaining races in the year go much smoother.

Mad Tim


steelrider2 said... win some, you loose some and some get rained out...better luck next time

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a priceless moment with your family to make up for any lost TT.

You can always go out and set your own best time.

Tim Jackson said...

Anonymous; You are right. For the moment of aggrivation felt dealing with the race issue, I got to have a wonderful day with family. There will be more races to race, even this year still.

In the end, the trade was worthwhile.