Monday, September 26, 2005

Vegas (almost) baby!

Yesterday we made the long drive across the desert to Vegas and set up our demo booth. After a long day in the truck and the sun, it was nice to get out for a ride.

I took a ride down to Lake Mead from our hotel. It felt like about 10 miles of descending before I got to the lake... but it felt like about 100 miles climbing back to the hotel. The view of the lake was incredible. After all these years of coming to Vegas for business and for fun, this was the first time I actually went to the lake. What a beautiful place. Lake Mead is a wonderful place and I was thoroughly awed by the view of the lake from the marina. Wow!

Today was the first day of the demo and I got a good group of people out on the carbon bike and all of them came back thoroughly impressed. Obviously, I am happy about that. The bike is a sweet machine and I believe people will be impressed when they get a chance to throw a leg over one.

Tomorrow morning I hope to get out for another ride like I had this morning, when I saw the sunrise over the lake (wow). Scott USA and Mavic are hosting a road ride tomorrow, so I hope to get out with that group and "do Masi proud".

Ok, here's the first pic of the new carbon bike for you... I think you'll like this...

This is the Dura Ace equipped bike... and it is really pretty.

Ok, time for dinner. Maybe after dinner I'll come back and tell you all about the new SRAM road group that I got to play with today. There is a "pres embargo" of course, but I'll share what superficial details I can. Let's just say I liked it A LOT...


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