Thursday, January 12, 2006

A&F/ Inferno rider profile; Rich Harper

Folks, I don't know where to start with this one. I'll just let Rich speak for himself and I apologize now to anybody reading this without a sense of humor. (I think I might like this kid...)

Rich Harper

age: 29

weight: 173
height 6'0" (not sure why Shaker is considered the Big Boy as I am an inch shorter (not where it counts though) and basically the same weight)
Jobby Job: GlaxoSmithKline, assoc scientist Gene Expression, Protein Biochemistry (Say what- Ed)
Goals and aspitrations: land that sugar momma, and compare notes with stage racing sensation Phil "Scabs" Wikoff.
Previous Team: Cane Creek
Cat 1

(Check out them bottle knockers... thems calves... Ed)
I live in Raleigh, NC and have been here since 2000 after graduating from University of Florida.

Was a competitive runner for 11 yrs. I got bored of running (ie plateau'd and couldnt get off it plus my stack of commemorative running T-shirts was a real PITA to move) when I moved to NC and tried cycling.

I had won numerous triathlons in FL and always rode mtn bikes and did the Team Florida group rides, so it was an easy transition. This is my 6th season racing and I think I am good enough to keep on racing.

(Now that looks like
Gene Expression to me... Ed)

Dislikes: Going up hill, training and riding my bike for more than 2 hrs. And, oh yeah, going up hill, cold weather, little chainring riding, people with focused training plans, cyclists that have nothing else going on in their lives besides riding (oh you know who you are!). Tub girl, squid, or bottle man (nuff said about that).

Likes: sitting on the couch drinking beer. Spending money on frivolous stuff (gonna rob a jewelry store and get me a grill). Occasionally bike racing. Driving teammates crazy.

Best result: Once doing a 5.5 hr ride. It was crazy being on a bike that long.

Season goals: Ride 3000 miles this year and maybe beat some pros in a bike race or two.

Favorite Quote: Diamonds, She'll pretty much have to.


Now, you can't say I didn't warn you first. Is it me, or did it just get funny in here?


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Donna Tocci said...

I shouldn't have being female, but "Diamonds. She'll pretty much have to.." made me giggle. Out loud. You certainly have an entertaining crew there, Tim!

a2 said...

6 ft?? yea maybe to the top of his afro....but don't let Rich fool you, he rides more than he lets on...and trains hard.