Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another day at the office.

The Taipei show is always good for generating excitement. Even though it happens so much earlier than all the other trade shows, it does signal the beginning of "show season" and all the fun associated with that. A lot of people see shows as a necessary evil and don't really enjoy them, but I absolutely love them. Between the people and products, there is just so much to see and touch (though you should be careful about who you touch).

Our folks have been arriving back in the office the past few days, each with their own story of weird foods and crazy drivers. The best stories though have been about the big earthquakes that hit. You'd think that Californians would be fairly used to having earthquakes, but I'm told that the one that hit (and the two aftershocks) was very different from what we get here... plus you're on the other side of the globe, in an unfamiliar country, several floors up in a hotel with water sloshing out of the toilet as the building sways and jumps. I'm fairly sure I'm glad I wasn't there.

Today's pic is of my personal "every day" bike. It is our Gran Criterium frame with parts I have cobbled together thanks to some friends in the industry and a bunch of my old parts from bikes I have been riding for years. I think the front derailleur is the same one I have been using since 1991. We have two bikes using this frame platform, but the frame pictured is the one we sell as a frameset. The color is Blazing Copper and is really beautiful in the sunlight. I'm not exactly Ansel Adams or Helmut Newton, so I couldn't get a good picture of the paint. Don't take this as a sale's pitch, but the frame produces an excellent ride for a frame that isn't all carbon. The stays are stiff, but forgiving as carbon should be and the aluminum front end is stiff and light. All in all a great ride and certainly worthy of riders much better than me.

Today an industry online publication in the UK ran a little story about this blog and now the word is out and the cat is out of the bag! So now we'll just have to see what happens. Check out and take a look (password is required to enter the Trade News section- sorry).



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