Monday, March 28, 2005

Track Worlds and such...

So Jamie Staff picked up a gold with the British team sprint guys and then rides an admirable and aggressive 4th in the Keirin. Not one who does a lot of Match Sprint, he still rode through the early rounds and battled well. So Jamie- Congratulations!

Bobby Julich picks up another win this year with an impressive ride at Criterium International. I remember meeting Bobby after he rode to third in the 1998 Tour de France. He seemed like a genuinely humble and "nice" guy. After years of not meeting up to the potential so many of us thought he had, it is great to see him reaping the benefits of patience and trust. Bjarne Riis really must be the miracle worker people say he is.

Chris Horner rode a very impressive 16th overall at Setmana Catalana, showing that he is still one of the best early season stage race riders- even in Europe. Chris and I worked in the same bike shop here in San Diego. We worked in different store locations, but we talked and knew each other. We frequently ended up training together, often with Trent Klasna, on local group rides. I always thought Chris was one of the really cool guys because no matter how many races he won, or how big of a race he won, he still just rode his bike and was a good guy. I can remember doing an evening training crit after Chris won his famous stage of the Tour DuPont (where he did his bike spike). He was as humble as ever and just showed up to train. I got into the break with him later in the race and we were just shooting the breeze. I congratulated him and told him how I saw him on TV and he said thanks and just asked me how my racing was going and congratulated me on my results. Chris gets some negative press now and again for speaking his mind. He's not cocky, he's confident and he uses his legs to back up his mouth. I've never known him to let his mouth write a check his ass can't cash. He's just a good guy.

Oh yeah, buy a Masi. You know you want to.

I have gotten many questions about the '05 website again. It is under construction and will be up within a few weeks, if not sooner. I've also gotten questions about jerseys and shorts. New designs are being developed and considered. As soon as we get something finalized, I will post the news here.



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