Sunday, March 06, 2005

Race Report: "Bummer dude."

Well, what can I say? I was slower this time around than I was a month ago. 36 seconds slower in fact. So much for the "new bike" speed. The course was even soupier than last time and we had a bit more wind too. Times were down for almost everybody, but I actually thought I was on a pace to do better. Clearly, that's what I get for thinking. Still, from a "business" point of view, I got to get out and talk about Masi to a few folks and maybe even converted a couple.

I have never exactly enjoyed time trialing, it's just something that I tend to do fairly well when fit. It's just the fact that I'm tall and can usually push a large gear for a long time- though you couldn't tell that today.

The next race on tap is either yet another TT or a circuit race in the Los Angeles area. Sort of depends on how the training goes this week. Admittedly, I never felt good this past week and missed three days of riding. I don't know if that accounts for all 36 of those slower seconds today.

Oh well, "live to fight another day" somebody once said. I have no clue who or exactly what it means, but hey, it sounds good.


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