Monday, March 21, 2005

Thank God for weekends...

If it weren't for the cherished weekend ride, I think I might actually be certifiably insane by now. Going for a ride in a new team kit is just about my favorite thing to do. I love that new clothing smell and the looks from passing riders as they get a first look at the gear and try to figure out who you are. Sweet!

After a long week, it was exceptionally nice to get out in good weather and have a nice ride with my best friend in the rolling hills of San Diego. We rode East and then South to get to the Otay Lakes area (home of the Arco Olympic Training Center). The sun was out and the riding was awesome. My legs were starved for some sunshine and miles and they got a little of both. Besides, I have to get my product testing in. A job is a job after all and I don't want to disappoint the bosses. Duty calls, right?


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