Monday, March 21, 2005

S = Shimano...

So the visit with Shimano was good, but the sushi at lunch was the highlight. My man at Shimano, Daniel Limburg, slapped the plastic on the counter and we dined like kings on some insanely tasty fish. The meeting itself was uneventful in comparison. The Laguna Beach area was rainy and grey, so the beach view from the meeting room was a bit subdued. Since I am not allowed to divulge any information until specific dates later in the year, I can not tell you about what I saw. However, as the picture shows, the Dura Ace wheel range is nicely expanded for the '06 product year. Standard Dura Ace wheels, tubeless clincher already exists and just awaits the tires to be available and the new all carbon sew-up wheels are so tasty I was getting the carbon jitters. The rim is beautiful and the brake surface looks very reliable. I fondled those wheels long enough that the Shimano people were beginning to question my motivation.


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