Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Thank you Robert.

During the day today, while I was busy with work, my loving wife called to tell me of the passing of my favorite author- Robert Creeley. Creeley was a phenomenal writer and was also a teacher at New York State University in Buffalo. He wrote the most important poetry I have ever encountered. The poetry was characterized by minimalist lines and careful placement of each word and syllable.

Creeley had the most significant impact of any writer on me as a writer and possibly even as a person. His works were introduced to me by another great writer that I worked with in a coffee shop, Peter Crawford. Peter was the most talented writer I have ever met. I had the great fortune of working with him in the coffee shop and working with him as a writer. I learned an awful lot from him and collaborated with him on a few poetry readings as well. Peter was deeply influenced by Creeley and felt that I should spend some time reading some of his work. It was the most significant moment in my life as a writer. Along with cycling, writing is what I love. Robert Creeley helped to shape that.

I'd love to think I could write something, in the manner Creeley would, to memorialize him. However I know I couldn't even begin to capture the man and his work. Instead, I'll share one of my all time favorite Creeley poems. I love it for its simplicity and elegant completeness.


Belly's full

of rubble.

Ok, maybe it doesn't work for you the way it works for me. Still, it is so complete and whole, with so few words. It is what I have strived to replicate for many years.

I know this has nothing to do with bikes. It is just something that I feel is significant enough that I couldn't let the day go without mentioning it.

Thank you Robert Creeley for all of the work you produced and put forth.



Anonymous said...

After reading Mr. Creely's poem, he must have had the chicken curry at PENNY LANE

Anonymous said...

After reading Mr. Creely's poem, he must have had the chicken curry at PENNY LANE