Monday, March 07, 2005

The glamorous side of life in the bike business.

A little snapshot of the glamorous side of my job. Check out the spacious office I have. I know, I know... you're quite jealous. It's ok. Many people are frequently jealous of my plush confines.

What it lacks in space and organization/ neatness, it makes up for with nifty doodads crossing my desk from time to time. Oh yeah, and the lunch-time bike rides every day. That really is the beauty part of the job. Since we are located in Southern California, we get great riding weather more often than not (though this has been the wettest winter I can personally remember). When something new comes in, we ride it. When considering a new saddle, tire, bar, stem, fork, wheelset or whatever, I throw it onto my bike and ride it. I've ridden a few saddles I'd be happy to never see again, by the way. New frame designs get the same unfair punishment as well. With 3 of us here riding the same size frame and having very different riding styles, we can really evaluate something before it ends up on one of our bikes or becomes a frame that will be underneath somebody. That will hopefully lend to better and better bikes coming to market.

Speaking of "market", the Taipei bike show just wrapped up and I am eagerly waiting for follow-up. Between the meetings with vendors and customers, there is always a lot of stuff to talk about afterwards. The best piece of news so far is that our International Distributors were very interested in bringing Masi into their countries. This means the Masi World Domination is completely underway and we will be out stealing floor space from "other brands". (Insert sinister, maniacal laugh and creepy wringing of hands.)


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