Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A day in the life of a Brand Manager.

I guess I am officially mining for things to talk about today. My head is so crammed with bits of stuff right now, I can't think straight enough to organize a rational flow to anything. So here you go...

I "hosted" an office group ride today, getting several of our folks out for a road ride today. I ride every day during the week- it's part of the job after all- but these folks don't all ride as much as I do. It has been my goal for a while to create a weekly ride that is essentially a social ride for anybody in the company who wants to go. So far so good. The President, VP, International Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, our Graphic Director, Graphic Designer and myself got out for a good 21 mile lunch ride. It's always good to get people out of the building and breathing some fresh air.

We have been spending a lot of time trying to get the next line of bikes done and ready to put out into the world. Too many details to begin to list right here, today. Let me just say that I really think that the bikes will be very attractive and attractively spec'd. I am very excited to have been a part of the process and like every expecting parent, I'm anxious to see how the bikes will be received when they come into existence.

Ok, I know that I have been short of pictures lately. More will come soon. I promise. I've gotten a few "where are the pictures" comments recently. They're coming back as soon as I get some new ones.

Thanks for playing along at home.



Anonymous said...

my taint still hurts.

That name is even more telling because it taint never going to feel the same

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