Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Combining the things you love...

How cool is that photo? A racing thoroughbred shackled to a child trailer. My daughter loves it! She squeals from the back "faster Daddy, faster!" She's three years old now and about 40 pounds and then the trailer is about another 30. Talk about some strength training! Man, after a 1-2 hour ride dragging her around my legs are completely wobbly. Hill repeats take on a whole new level of pain- sort of like doing a Kilo workout on the track when your vision starts to vanish like an old TV turning off... that little dot of light in the distance getting smaller and smaller until you pass out.

Tomorrow is my grandfather's funeral service, so I won't likely be "here". You'll just have to wait for Friday and a late posting with some Shimano pictures (hopefully).


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