Saturday, March 05, 2005

Greetings race fans!

Tomorrow is race day- just another time trial. Finished building the new TT rig this week and rode it briefly yesterday to sort out the position and get the adjustments done before the gun goes off in the morning. I hate that 5 second count down on the start ramp because it's an eternity to realize what you have forgotten to do, but not enough time to do anything about it. So tomorrow morning I will be riding to the race and realize I've forgotten to (insert huge error here) and will be riding home after the race with the "stink of stupidity" clinging to me.

Last month on the same course I got 9th in the 20K event with a 29:42 in horrible weather conditions; tons of rain the night before, and all week prior, turned the course into a soggy, muddy, sandy pit. It looked like a cyclo-cross race afterwards because everybody was covered in grime. This time I am forgoing the carbon 3-spoke wheels and using regular aero wheels to be safer. I think this will allow me to be a little faster as well. Last month, since it was my first TT in several months, I went pretty conservatively. This time, I'm cuttin' loose!

Stay tuned for a post race commentary tomorrow!


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