Thursday, March 10, 2005

Steel IS real (it's still real if you add carbon too).

A little shot of the next bike I'll be building up and riding. Truthfully, this is my favorite frame in the line- Speciale Carbon. Dedacciai EOM 16.5 steel with Race Tail and Mono Box carbon stays. It's not the lightest frame we do, but it isn't the heaviest either. My 60cm frame comes in at 1747gm... for a 60! Not too bad for the delicious ride of steel. The carbon stays are the same ones we use on the Gran Criterium frame, so they are more than race worthy. I've been saving this frame for a "special" build. I just have such a soft spot for steel and then the "heritage" panel graphics look too sweet. I'm hoping to build it up with really trick stuff and make it into my show-off bike when I travel to events and work with sales reps and retailers. If I get it built in time, I may even race it at Sea Otter. I just don't want to lay it down and you never know when the goober in front of you will fall asleep and take you down when he clips a curb or drops his bottle. I love racing, but I sometimes wonder why when I see the bonehead moves some people make. Don't get me wrong, new riders need to keep pouring into the sport. I'm talking about guys who either get paid to ride, or are trying to get paid to ride. Helmets are good for your head if you fall... some of these guys clearly train (and have fallen) without one.

Race season is completely underway and I am happy as can be about it. Like I said, I love racing. Just got one of my new jerseys and am waiting for the shorts for the team I race with. I absolutely love getting new team gear and going for that first ride looking slick. This year will be a little more difficult for racing, with the travel schedule I will have. Hopefully I'll get to take the bike with me most of the time and do some racing on the road. I really dig going somewhere new and racing with people I don't know. You don't know who to watch or who is the local hammer-dog. It makes the racing so much more mental and I really enjoy that. So look for me at your local event because you never know if "masiguy" is going to show up. (Ok, I'll clue you in when I'm traveling so you'll know where I am.)


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